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An Impromptu on One of the Buddhas Five Rememberances

My kidney stone seeking surgen went in through my out door yesterday, but was unable to get the scope all the way into the target zone, and so I am left with a stent in place for a week that will open things up and give him a clean shot at these mini asteroids. In the meantime it seems that I'm fine, but I'm not going to be good for much more than lying around stinging and aching. At least for awhile... And for the record the outpatient folks at St. Lukes Hospital were just great, and I loved having family all around before and after. Rev. Do-on is doing an amazing job taking care of me AND Isabella today as they both make their way to Cleveland for what I think is the final infusion for the next 6 months. And Do-on has a strained ankle in the mix!  No fair...  Each sunday we recite the 5 remembrances, one of which is:  "I am of the nature to have ill health, there is no way to avoid having ill health." This can seem abit pessimistic, or obvious, or many