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Haiku For You?

In the fog of my mind that is this winter cold, it has been occurring to me over and over to revisit this old blog and to see about putting some life into it, and so here goes my latest attempt at doing a bit of writing. Each Ango, we take up ways to deepen our practice of the BuddhaDharma. This deepening can take many forms.  In fact, it can take on as many forms as our lives take, but to access that freedom it helps to draw a magick circle and proclaim to ourselves and the world "This is Practice!" This helps, because if we try to simply go right away to 'everything I do is Zen' inevitably we miss it.   So one of the magick circles that we make is Art practice, and I love it. In fact, Art practice was one of my main entry ways into the BuddhaDharma.  As a Jazz musician I could see the resonance between what I did with the music and what my teacher was pointing to, but beyond that I learned from his pointers how to realize this for myself.  Now most ze