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Aikido Training!

I have a long standing love of Aikido, and this weekend I will be hosting my teacher Bill Gleason Sensei for an intensive seminar here at Shobu Aikido of Ohio in Toledo.

If you are practicing the Dharma and are looking for a way to study yourself with a formal body practice give Aikido a look...

Arriving Directly - A heart talk about the Practice of Zazen

"After one look at the peach blossoms, I have arrived directly at the present and have no further doubt."

Listen Here

Thu, 6 January 2011 Arriving Directly A Dharma Talk and discussion with Rinsen at the Toledo Zen Center on August 12th, 2009.
For more information about the Toledo Zen Center, please visit

Busy Dharma Day!

Rev. Do-on and I are getting ready for the morning service at the Toledo Zen Center which will be followed by the second of three afternoon workshops introducing the path of zen.

Rev. Do-on will then continue Dharma teaching with a similar intro class starting at 6:45pm tonight at the integration yoga studio while I give a dharma talk at kannonji temple in 2nd life at 9:30pm tonight.

In between all that is our daughter and the perfect storm of a dear friends birthday party to get to and back from...

That'll keep the wheel a turning all righty!

James Ford Roshi's Visit to the Toledo Zen Center

This Drinking Gourd podcast was recorded during James Ford Roshi's visit to the Toledo Zen Center on September 16th, 2009.  James Ford Roshi is a guiding teacher of the Boundless Way Zen Sangha.  For information about James Ford Roshi, please visit

Bodhisattvha Alert:

PS: What truly small thing have you allowed to take over your feeling this day?

"All evil karma, ever committed by me since of old..."

"All evil karma, ever committed by me since of old..."
So began the invoking of the full moon ceremony last night at the Toledo Zen Center - even with the ice.
It is so important for me to connect with the community of practitioners and particularly with regards to the practice of Compassion.
Thank you for your practice Sangha!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!   May this year be filled with the light of practice,  the company of friends,  and the peace that is beyond understanding!