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Zen Arts Ensemble Updates

So the Zen Arts Ensemble has been gathering momentum and shape.  And I couldn't be more encouraged and inspired.

To begin with, we had a fantastic concert at the Toledo Museum of Art, with 5 female voices,  reeds, shakuhatchi, violin, guitar, bass, percussion and a variety of Temple instruments.  I titled the composition ' One Subtle Sound' and it featured text from the Avatamsaka Sutra, Koreas master Chinul and Dogen.  And then what has become the core of the Ensemble performed for the music students at the University of Toledo and did a clinic for them as well.  I got to talk about my studies with John Cage and what indeterminacy in music is, and what collective improvisation in music is, and what the differences are.  And then we played a new composition at Crystals, to an unsuspecting audience that I was to later learn were electricians traveling back home from helping out the Sandy victims in NY.

We have a performance booked at the University, a performance and clinic…