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Buddhist Temple Dedication in Toledo

Renaming event set for Zen Center Buddhist Temple of Toledo label to clarify purpose of site, leader says BY DAVID YONKE
Jay 'Rinsen' Weik leads a service at the Toledo Zen Center in Holland. The center is changing its name to better reflect its growth as a spiritual home for Buddhism as well as to address confusion about what Zen is. The Toledo Zen Center, a popular spot for local Buddhist events and services, is to be renamed the Buddhist Temple of Toledo in a dedication ceremony Sunday. The reason for the name change is to better reflect the center's growth as a spiritual home for Buddhism as well as to clarify its purpose, according to Jay "Rinsen" Weik. who said, "There's a lot of confusion in the culture about what Zen is." Mr. Weik, 43, an ordained Zen Buddhist priest, Aikido martial arts instructor, and jazz guitar teacher at the University of Toledo, runs the Toledo Zen Center/Buddhist Temple of Toledo with his wife, Kar…

Video Clips from the Buddhist Temple of Toledo 4/15/12


Temple Appeal

Since its founding, the Toledo Zen Center community has sought to meet the imperative of the moment in the service of the Dharma, and has organically evolved as various needs became evident.

And in this evolution we all have much to celebrate and be grateful for - the creation of the Dharma School and Sunday Services, Wednesday evenings, the many retreats, workshops, Jukai initiations, and the founding and support of Affiliated sitting groups in Chicago, Upper Michigan, Canada, Ann Arbor, a recovery group at the Temple and Zen Buddhist student groups at both the University of Toledo and BGSU. The Drinking Gourd Podcast which to date has over 135,000 downloads, and we have achieved 501c3 non-profit status. And with all of this, we have for some time struggled with our space and searched to find an expanded facility to meet the growing needs of the community.  And at last the way forward is clear.

The time has come yet again when this Sangha is creating something new.  By expanding a…

Self Identity with Others, Others Identity with Self


Lute, Song and Wine